today i go into the fields to pick the ripe / strawberries growing on the vine / today the plums are awfully bulbous / the pears are upside-down / the watermelon is bulging out of the ground / jade eyes, sockets popped / so beautiful, this garden / is bloating / with cavendish and pink lady / i want to suckle every / blueberry and peppermint leaf / is this / is this what desire is like / the delight of an image / the artist blooming / is desire not simply a chair / in waiting / sit sit sit next to me / far away from me / place your limbs so furtively / near mine / in this garden / the ecstasy is so fragrant / the bicycle against the fence is / desire / the electric heater that clicks clicks / clicks throughout the night is desire and / the sink where your dirty dishes are / is desire / i will wash them / your half-drunk water / desire / and the empty pizza boxes / like this garden / so ripe for the picking / so ready for the eating is / desire