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Waxing and Waning, July 29 - August 29

Casey (Nicholls-Bull) Jones

These are the flowers she gave me the night before that weird dream, that ____ week

You were too distracted and scattered to drive, but still, you drove us

When something caught your eye on the road you swerved and stopped too quickly

My head smashed into the window hard and it broke but somehow it didn't hurt

I thought maybe your guilt of smashing my head and stopping too quick must've hurt more

But I've learnt not to think like that anymore

Dimensions variable, mixed media inc. oil paint, pyrography, wood, shrubbery, leaves and other gifted and collected materials.

Casey (Nicholls-Bull) Jones utilises embodied knowledge, ritual, and deep listening as the backbones of her practice. Unhurried processes such as these can often be forgotten or overlooked alongside the hurtling flood of acceleration in modern life. Hence, through slow and repetitive processes such as pyrographic wood burning techniques, oil painting, witchcraft, observation of natural cycles, and increasingly (slowly) herbal studies, Jones uses these methods to rearrange, layer, peel back, and continually connect to knowledges, memories and histories that are personally felt, encountered, or observed in her everyday life. Jones uses the moon cycle as a continual framework maintaining the rhythm and logic of her practise, and is continually in the midst of deconstructing the difficulty and complexity of working as a settler on unceded Wurundjeri land throughout her processes of both making and understanding. Her hope is that through circling, living through, and re-curringly interrogating these things she studies and tends to, something fruitful may gradually become embodied, communicated and understood in new ways by herself and those who encounter her work. Find her on instagram @rat_case