Layabout III 

harden up. in spin class, where solid bodies pedal in unison. I just wanna go real hard, lip gloss on and I’m looking like a star. googling: How to Tell if My Child is an Eshay? I outsourced my brain to an external harddrive, but then I dropped it in a bowl of laksa. my mum says I’m pretty, but hard to love. she's doing cocaine–in the bathroom of the Hard Rock Café! be nice to him, he’s had a hard life. remember the summer we read all that hardboiled fiction? we walked around smoking Camels and making love to beautiful women. my hard rubbish haul: a box full of old porn mags and a harddrive containing 10,000 bitcoin. he likes his crush’s rock-hard abs; reminds him of those Greco-Roman statues, and Jacob from Twilight.

Dolci - HARD Mix