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Ann Demeulemeester’s spring 1998 show “Corpse Humain” (Human Body) is one of the designer’s most revered collections. It’s iconic for many reasons, one being its white tank tops that say ‘holy’ in black cursive script. The collection speaks to the beauty of the human body, with lively drapes that mould to the wearer and thoughtful cuts made with real people in mind. Demeulemeester is masterful in creating a kind of nonchalant beauty, which the holy tanks embody with grace. Speaking of the collection, Demeulemeester says: One of the first things I decided was that I would make 2,000 tank tops with the word holy on them and give one to everybody who comes to the show, expressing that you are holy to me, that everybody is holy.

Holy: whole, uninjured. The word holy is not just a message, but a way of pointing to the construction of the garment. A way of saying: look at what I made for you. Take this offering—be holy with me.