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Issue 2: Commune, February 2022

commune with nature, God,
. move to a commune
farm the land
. ‘The One World Family Commune is a
new religious movement
  commune, often referred to as a
in negative contexts.’ take Holy Communion;
reject the Church
. read a little about the
Paris Commune
. make common, share. go on a bad date with
a communist
, or a date with a
bad communist
. talk intimately, exchange thoughts or feelings.
build community
isolate yourself

︎Gestures and Habit

poetry by Miso Bell
See more of Miso’s work here.


short film by Tyler Bain
See more work at Tyler’s website.

︎Donda on Mother’s Day

essay by Jack Wareham
Read Jack’s work for The Daily Californian and CounterPunch.


digital writing by Selina Moir-Wilson

︎Four Paintings

paintings by Keywan Tafteh
See more work at Keywan’s website.

︎I’m not with chemicals, Dad. I’m with people and emotions.

short film by Aubrielle Hvolboll
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creative non-fiction by Viv Baker


poetry by Lindsey Pannor
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digital fiction by Carly Stone
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Layabout is produced on the stolen lands of the Wurundjeri people. We pay our respects to its traditional custodians, sovereignty was never ceded.